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Brian Travers, M.D.

Brian Travers, M.D.

Brian Travers, M.D.

Dr. Travers' story has been featured in national news outlets. He is a Brain Injury Survivor and Disability Advocate who shares his inspirational story with others to unfold the importance of financial security during uncertain times.

Motivational Keynote

Despite continuous challenges he faces, Dr. Travers' story
is one of triumph during adversity and the ability to pivot.

Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Known as brittle bone disease, Dr. Travers has
sustained over 90 fractures since he was 6 months old.

Disability Advocate

During the pandemic, Dr. Travers developed a see-through
mask for individuals who read lips and owns a U.S. Patent.

Keynote Opportunities

Dr. Travers, Founder of Blue Sclera Disability Insurance and Strategic Associate at MillCreek, speaks regularly to residency programs, physician groups, and insurance agencies. He is also is a featured motivational keynote at various industry events around the country. His presentation will inspire you, while teaching you about yourself and others, to overcome obstacles and forge a new path despite all doors being closed. You'll join Brian on the highs and lows of his life, laughing and crying alongside him. The best part is you'll receive high-level takeaways to apply in all facets of your life – health, finances, relationships, and more.

His message is simple: you are not promised tomorrow. To discuss Dr. Travers speaking at your event, please contact Lauren Helm.

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