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The Way We Work

Whenever you work a puzzle, it’s impossible to see the big picture with only a few of the pieces in place. The same goes for your financial plan. Compartmentalizing financial decisions is like forcing puzzle pieces to fit. No matter how hard you try, the puzzle—your financial big picture—will never be complete because you simply don’t have all the pieces in hand.

Using The Living Balance Sheet®, we help you find and put all of the pieces of your financial puzzle into place—and we also help you understand how the pieces connect. It’s an uncommon, common sense approach to protecting and maximizing your wealth to its fullest potential.

Moving from Point “A” and Skipping “B” to Get to “C”

Most people concentrate on moving from their existing financial situation to “Point B:” retirement, a vacation home, college tuition—whatever they see as their personal financial goals. Our goal is to help clients go beyond “Point B” to “Point C”—those unimagined financial goals and dreams—using the same exact cash flow and without increasing risk. To do this, we concentrate on helping clients multiply wealth rather than simply accumulate it. Throughout the process, clients know exactly where their money is directed and what fees are accrued as a result.

Your Financial Team: Working for You

When is the last time your attorney, banker, financial planner, and insurance agent sat down together and discussed your financial outlook? Chances are, never. Yet that’s exactly the approach we take: bringing together the various components of your financial situation so that you know where your money is going and how you can best harness its long-term potential.

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