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What Does It Cost?

If this isn’t the first question you ask a financial planner, it should be. Whenever you buy life insurance, stocks, or open a banking account, there are fees, or commissions, involved—even if you don’t see them. And it doesn’t matter whether you make your purchase directly with a financial advisor or over the Internet: the fees are still there.

We’re paid through fees/commissions. You won’t be charged for meeting with us whether you meet two or twelve times to discuss your financial outlook. That’s because we focus on your financial plan rather than financial products. We will spend as many hours as it takes reviewing your financial portfolio and making suggestions to maximize your money. We scour your financial documents for dollars that can be converted from financial waste—excessive fees and unneeded coverages—to wealth. Only when you choose to purchase our suggested financial products and protections will we receive payment for our time directly from the company/companies involved. That payment is already built into the cost of each product.

Best of all, these fees are captured on The Living Balance Sheet®, along with interest rates, income taxes, deferred taxes, potential capital gains, accounting costs, and conflicting cash flows. The result is an accurate reflection of your overall financial picture.

You’d Better Shop Around…

We are financial advisors, meaning that we are not tied to a specific company but have the benefit of comparing features and costs of numerous financial products. In other words, we shop around to find you the best price and features for your money.