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Brian Travers, M.D.

Brian Travers, M.D.

Keynote and Strategic Associate

Dr. Travers became inspired by his own real-life experiences that led him into medicine and financial services.  "Being born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta required many visits to the orthopedic surgeons office which led me on the path of becoming a doctor for my career," he said. 

Shortly after graduating from medical school Dr. Travers' career path came to and end when he lost his hearing, a consequence of his bone disease. It was at this time Brian realized the financial consequences of not being prepared for the unexpected. Rather than be held back by his unexpected disabling events, Dr. Travers chose to enter into financial service to share his experiences in an effort to educate others as to the need for proper financial planning. His mission is simple: to make sure no other person would ever have to go through the emotional and financial hardships he has endured.

As a MillCreek strategic associate, Dr. Travers with Blue Sclera Disability Insurance speaks regularly to residency programs, physician groups, insurance agencies, and is a featured motivational keynote at various industry events around the country. 

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